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Staff qualifications

Our staff are qualified NNEB/NVQ3 or equivalent and their commitment to excellence is recognised by our OFSTED reports. 

Seesaws has a policy of employing only qualified staff, and so we run an excellent training scheme for staff, which is nationally recognised as setting high standards of Child Care training at NVQ's level 2 and 3, through CACHE. 

At each nursery, we provide a balance of staff with different experiences, ages, and cultural backgrounds. We are proud to employ staff from all genders as this presents positive role models to the children. Staff encourage children to celebrate diversity and promote an inclusive policy. 

All our staff hold Food Hygiene Certificates and Paediatric First Aid Certificates and many are trained in Special Needs, Behaviour Management, Health and Safety, and Child Protection, with all being encouraged to attend regular courses to update themselves on current issues. 

For information on our Training Programme please CLICK HERE

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Staying safe

Security Arrangements

At Seesaws we pride ourselves on ensuring the safety of both your children in our care and our staff. We operate a strict policy in which no one is allowed free access to nursery, and a system of security procedures and equipment is in place at each nursery to support this. 

Visitors can only gain access through an experienced member of staff and will be asked to provide identification and to sign the visitor's book. The main entrance is kept securely locked at all times. Any visitors will only be allowed into the nursery when a senior member of staff is present. 

Parents will be asked to provide passport photographs of those authorised to collect your child and this will be retained for our records. 

If, for any reason, the authorised person is unable to collect a child, they will need to inform the Nursery Manager and will need to give a description, name, and address of the person collecting along with a password which they need to present on arrival.


The Nursery Manager will check this information before allowing your child to leave. Children's daily registers ensure our staff are aware of the times at which each child arrives and leaves. 

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Your child will be offered 3 meals during their day at the nursery, these being: breakfast, lunch and tea. Appropriate healthy snacks and drinks will also be offered at intervals during the day. 

We are committed to providing all children with a well balanced and nutritious diet appropriate to their stage of feeding and their individual requirements. 


The nursery provides all food, but parents also have the option of providing made-up bottles, breast milk bottles, and weaning food if required. The nursery will provide the formula milk that your child is used to at home, including lactose free if required. Pasteurised milk and plant-based milk is offered for children not requiring formula milk. The nursery also provides baby juice and distilled water. 

All feeds are clearly labelled to ensure that your child is given their own bottle or weaning food, although parents may bring in their own bottle and teats if preferred. Bottles and teats are washed and sterilised after each feed. 

Children are encouraged to feed themselves under supervision according to their development stages. For children who may have dietary difficulties or dietary needs including vegetarianism, diabetes, coeliac, gluten-free or any other allergies, the appropriate and correct food will be given. Religious and cultural preferences will be noted and taken into consideration upon parents request. Parents must inform the nursery of any special dietary requirements upon enrolment, and should ensure that they keep the staff updated as to any changes which may occur. Special procedures are in place to ensure individuals dietary needs are followed exactly, including the use of food colour coded feeding equipment, and separate food preparation areas.

All our staff hold Food Hygiene Certificates and are carefully instructed in cleaning and hygiene rules. 


The nursery provides a carefully planned balance of nutrients to include protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and fibre at every meal. Children are encouraged to be independent in feeding in line with their age and need. Suitable utensils and equipment will be used to encourage development. Good manners will also be encouraged and your child will sit with their classmates during meal times. 

At Seesaws, we believe in instilling a healthy attitude to food and cooking. This means that we encourage your child to get involved in the food-making process when possible, such as making their own pizzas, taste-testing exotic fruits and vegetables, and baking healthy desserts. 

All food is prepared under the strictest of hygiene conditions; nurseries are registered as food-handling departments with the local environmental health department and are subject to regular inspections. The nurseries employ experienced cooks who hold appropriate Food Hygiene Certificates, and are used to providing for the dietary needs of young children. 

The nurseries all employ the 'Startwell' healthy eating incentive programme. 

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additional services

Life can be a little hectic at times and we know from experience that balancing childcare with a busy work schedule can be challenging. Here at Seesaws we recognise the need for total flexibility and are able to offer this in our opening hours and through additional services to help you at your busiest. 


Seesaws Day Nursery and Nursery School is available for all children aged

6 weeks - 5 years old. 

We are available Monday to Friday 7:00 am - 6:30 pm *

*Opening hours may vary slightly according to the nursery, please call individual nursery managers for more information or CLICK HERE TO SEE HOURS

Seesaws are open through the year and are closed only for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 


Please note after six months attendance, we offer 2 weeks free of charge per year for parents annual holiday. (T&Cs apply)


This service is available for children up to the age of 11. Our transport will service schools within a 4 mile radius. All children using the Pre-School Service are provided with breakfast, and all children using the After-School Service are given tea, together with supervised activities and homework sessions. *

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently unable to offer this service. Government guidelines state: You can only provide wraparound childcare to the children who are attending school. You cannot provide childcare for children who are not attending school, whether that's because the school cannot accommodate them at this time, or because their parents don't want to send them back to school yet, or because their year groups aren't eligible to return to school. 


Arranging childcare during school holidays can be tough. Our Holiday Clubs provide suitable activities and creative play for each of the age groups 4-6 years and 7-11 years. Our clubs are designed to offer your child a wide range of activities and experiences, including age appropriate day trips to local places of interest, such as museums, amusement parks, working farms, castle and adventure playgrounds. For more information and examples of our itineraries on the holiday clubs please CLICK HERE. 

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