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Membership, Charities and new projects



Seesaws is a Member of the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA)


Seesaws has always believed we should engage the children in learning about those less fortunate for whatever circumstance and we regularly participate in charity days and fundraising events for the following charities: 

Children in Need, Jeans for Genes, MacMillan Cancer Support, Teenage Cancer Trust, Memory Walk for Alzheimers, Cystic Fibrosis, Comic Relief, Wear Pink Breast Cancer Awareness. 

In addition Seesaws children celebrate all Cultural Festivals and Faith Days. 


Our Birmingham nurseries proudly work with Startwell to promote a healthy lifestyle and environment within our Seesaws families. The children learn about all the 7 key messages based within the Startwell programme. Each nursery has a StartWell leader to help embed the programme into our daily nursery life. 

Startwell is an obesity prevention programme targeting early years settings across Birmingham. 

Our daily routine at nursery is embedded with all the Startwell key messages in all that we do. We work in conjunction with Startwell to ensure all the meals and snacks we provide are healthy and nutritious for our children with all food groups eaten throughout the day. 

Seesaws encourages all our children to be active, eat well and achieve more. 

The programme is broken down into units that we work towards to achieve as a nursery, Seesaws are well on the way to achieve Level 3. 


Seesaws are proud to have the Sun Safe Nursery status. We work alongside . We recognise that together we have a duty of care to ensure our children have sufficient knowledge of sun safety and are protected against the sun's harmful rays whilst in our care. 


Seesaws are working towards RHS School Gardening Awards. 

We emphasise to the children the importance of planting, nurturing and growing our own produce. The produce we grow is then used in our kitchens to ensure the children have healthy meals. The nurseries have gardening clubs which Jim and his team run with the staff. 


Seesaws is proud to have teamed up with a company that will be offering our children the Forest School Programme.

Forest School is a child-centred inspirational learning process offering opportunities for all round growth through regular sessions. It supports play, exploration and supported risk taking, and develops confidence and self esteem through hands-on experiences in natural settings. 

Forest School has its roots in an open-air culture, seen as a way of life in Scandinavia. It has become very popular in the UK as it helps our children develop socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. It creates a safe non-judgemental nurturing environment for the children to try new things and take risks.


Seesaws believes that there are risks in everything we do and we grow by overcoming them. Forest School will help our children become healthy, resilient, creative and independent learners. 

See our nursery managers for the full programme details. 


In the Autumn of 2019 Seesaws started our Intergenerational Programme within the local communities. Our nurseries pride themselves on the involvement they have within their local community. A big part of this is our Intergeneration Care with each nursery linking with a local care or nursing  home to create an extended family. The children, residents and staff get together regularly to share a variety of experiences such as arts and craft sessions, music and movement activities, exercise groups and  celebrate festivals together. We also enjoy doing day to day things together such as having lunch and simply chatting and spending time together. Some of our friends do not have visitors on a daily basis and seeing the children really brightens up their week. 

Since we began our intergenerational care, we have seen the impact and difference it has made to our friends and our children. For example an elderly gentleman was reduced to tears of happiness when seeing the children;  a non verbal lady began to talk again, and children have asked to go and take some of their masterpieces to our friends. Through these visits we have seen a big improvement in behaviour, communication skills, confidence and the children's knowledge about the world in which we live. 


Bringing the young and old together makes an unimaginable difference to both generations. We have watched some amazing relationships and bonds develop and together we make memories to last a lifetime. Seesaws are proof that age is just a number when it comes to lasting friendships


We love our Intergenerational Care! 


To keep up to date with all the latest information please visit our Blog page by CLICKING HERE

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