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The Seesaws Way

What Makes us Different?



We like to think of Seesaws as an extension to the family providing care, education, and an environment similar to that of home. It’s important a child receives the best in order for them to truly flourish. We pride ourselves on having the most dedicated and experienced teams of staff who all take their vocation seriously.


Our rooms have been thoughtfully put together with your child in mind to imitate the home environment, whilst providing a vast range of exciting toys and activities. Children are cared for in small family groups according to their age which helps them to feel secure and gain confidence in being away from home


6 weeks to 12 months


1-2 years and 2-3 years


3-5 years


4-11 years


4-11 years

Our Aims

Here at Seesaws, we view our role as the pivotal link between early childhood and young adulthood. We pride ourselves on preparing all children to take an active, responsible part in the world around them, setting them up in life so they are content with themselves and their culture, whilst also being aware and appreciative of the great diversity around them.

Seesaws Day Nurseries was founded upon family and community values. We believe in ensuring that all those that are part of the Seesaws family feel valued and nurtured to enable them to reach their full potential.We place the child at the heart of everything we do. Happiness is the way to learn!

Our aims


Inquisitive Minds

We aim to encourage all our children at Seesaws to develop lively and inquisitive minds, and the ability to question and discuss rationally.


Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

We help all children to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to their age and ability, with an awareness of the changing nature of life and their position in, and responsibility to, the world.



Our children will be able to experience enjoyment, fun and adventure in learning through their life at Seesaws.

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Self-respect and Esteem

We value every child at Seesaws and plan everything we do to enable children to develop self-respect and esteem with increasing levels of independence and confidence. 


Values and Beliefs

We encourage all our children to be content with their own values and beliefs, whilst also appreciating and respecting other people’s values, beliefs and point of view.


Emotional Life

Finally, we will help your child to develop and understand their emotions and use their imagination. This will help them to cope with changes as they come along in life. 

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